BAS provides all of the potential medicinal benefits of cannabis with correct standardized dosing, testing, and research.

Cannabis entering BAS facility are tested for potency and sent to an independent third party laboratory for microbial and pesticide screening.

BAS’ goal is to replace the negative social stigma associated with cannabis, with an all-natural, bio-nutraceutical approach.

Our Services

BAS Research’s mission is to enhance society and heal the world by manufacturing safe cannabis products that we can trust to give to our families and patients.

Running short on materials? BAS has a network of suppliers and growers that can help you fill in the gaps. Our oils are independently tested and laboratory-certified, free from mold and pesticides.

BAS can help you develop a full line of products. Our team of scientists can create proprietary formulas with the elevated levels of cannabinoid and terpene combinations typically found in vaporizer pens, edibles, and therapeutic products.

Whether you plan to extract 50lbs or 10,000lbs, we have you covered. By utilizing a non-toxic Supercritical CO2 extraction technology, you can count on a safe, reliable and high-quality oil concentrate.

It is imperative to find a contract manufacturing company who can be a partner for your business. BAS can help you with your fulfillment and production, so you can focus on building your brand.

Our Lab Testing Protocol

From Plant To Product

We test the plants. We test the extracts of the plants. We test the formulations of the extracts. We even test the tests.

“I founded LenitivLabs with patients like me in mind, and that means producing the kind of high quality, contaminant free medicine that can only be produced in a controlled laboratory environment. BAS’ focus on compliance and on cutting edge science made partnering with them a natural choice.”

Montel Williams, Founder of LenitivLabs

“The BAS team instantly stands out for product knowledge and pursuit of excellence. Exceeding all expectations and they have become our ‘gold standard’ for quality, purity, and potency. If only we could clone them and their passion into all of our markets, that would be an amazing addition.”

Rick Stevens, Co-founder of Juju Joints

“BAS shares our commitment to sustainable production of the highest quality, all natural cannabis medicines. With BAS, we can provide patients with the value of the whole plant, with the rich cannabinoid and terpene profiles born from our unique dry-farming methods.”

Jeff Guillot, CEO of Eel River Organics

“The Flurish Brand was created with a mission to create the best tasting edibles. By partnering with BAS Research we can now show the true medicinal value of Medical Cannabis.”

Flurish Group