BAS Research Center (BAS) is California’s first licensed medical cannabis manufacturing and research group, dedicated to developing breakthrough pharmaceutical grade marijuana products. Our goal is to replace the negative social stigma associated with cannabis, with an all-natural, bio-nutraceutical approach. BAS provides a variety of services to clients, including extraction and contract processing, private label manufacturing, packaging and labeling. With a focus on standardized dosing, products produced at BAS provide all of the potential medicinal benefits of cannabis, without the risks associated with the variations in the current marketplace. Standardized dosing and research is the first step to confirming the effectiveness of medical marijuana.

BAS Research was founded to address a serious problem. Cannabis, in its raw plant form, is an inconsistent, dosage with potency and purity varying widely between batches. Before BAS, even those with the most serious illnesses had to gamble with the content of dispensary doses. Patients with conditions like epilepsy, cancer, and chronic pain need targeted opportunity for relief and safe products made under the supervision of experts. Starting in 2014, BAS founders identified and acted upon this need, and through diligence in compliance, they opened the facility for research and production in July 2016. Our experienced and highly skilled team has the expertise to maximize potential across all platforms, from drug development and research to safe manufacturing and order fulfillment.

BAS Research leverages its first mover advantage to play a leadership role in the emerging cannabinoid therapeutics health sector. Our success stems from a research-driven approach through the use of advanced technologies and scientific methods. Integrity and social responsibility are the cornerstones of our reputation, and BAS will continue to fulfill both the public’s trust as a reliable community partner and our clients’ expectations through continuous innovation.

Our Partner


BAS Research has formed a strategic partnership with television personality and high-profile medical cannabis advocate Montel Williams to produce his new LenitivLabs brand of Medical Cannabis products in California.