BAS works with licensed and compliant California-based collectives to provide fee-based services including white label contract manufacturing. Collectives can bring their flowers or trim to BAS. Our experienced team uses supercritical C02 extraction methods to process this into bulk raw oil, winterized oil, with the lipids and waxes removed, or distilled clear with elevated potency. BAS Research Center is the first facility in the state, with a regulated lab and a permit to process cannabis products.

Cannabis entering the BAS facility is tested for potency using Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography, and is sent to independent third party laboratory for microbial and pesticide screening. It is then dehydrated, ground to powder, and the cannabinoid compounds and terpenes are professionally extracted. Our customers receive 100% of all extracted resins, in bulk or packaged form and have the option to receive their raffinate (waste product back), or BAS will dispose of it for them.

BAS creates proprietary cannabis formulas, with the elevated levels of cannabinoid and terpene combinations typically found in vaporizer pens. We produce therapeutic products, as well as manufacturing filled vapor pen cartridges for clients. The BAS catalog of over fifty-vapor pen, battery, atomizer combinations, including a number of recommended sets. These are for typically for dispensaries looking to brand and increase profits, using legally produced oils and high-quality equipment to help increase sales and margins.