Purity Certified Program

BAS works with a certification company, "Purity Certified," to validate that all products were created in a safe and legal manner. Trained experts use established standards to inspect each product manufactured at the facility, and each product will be stamped if qualified. Any time someone sees the BAS logo and the Purity Certified seal on a product, they will know that it is safe and trusted.

Laboratory Testing

BAS Research has a licensed testing laboratory in the Emerald Triangle region of California. This lab tests cannabis direct from the farm, before it is acquired by BAS for production purposes or before it is sold into the legal medical cannabis market. This ensures that both the farmer and the end user know the content of the cannabis and that it is safe and ready for market.

Safe Transportation

BAS offers licensed transportation services, with refrigerated transport vehicles servicing northern to southern California routes. We also offer clients licensed shipping throughout the state, and distribution assistance via our preferred partners to assist with market penetration.