About Us

BAS Research is the leading cannabis research and manufacturing company in California. It is the first company to be issued a state permit in California for this purpose and enjoys widespread municipal support. The company was founded by veterans of the cannabis, pharmaceutical and technology industries.

BAS Research manufactures cannabis products of the highest quality and integrity using superior innovation and continuous improvement in all aspects of the business and remains socially responsible while doing so. Our goal is to replace the negative social stigma associated with cannabis with an all-natural, bio-nutraceutical approach.

Dr. Bao Le, Co-Founder & CEO

Bao is a seasoned executive and dedicated entrepreneur with a twenty-year history of consistently creating successful startups. His business acumen and accomplishments demonstrate superior skills for identifying and developing untapped market niches in numerous, diverse industries.

Bao’s passion for starting BAS Research is a personal endeavor. After learning that his youngest son is autistic, Bao committed his life to finding safe and holistic alternative treatment for his son and others like him. He learned about CBD’s effectiveness on autistic symptoms and other medical conditions and made it his crusade to improve the industry. BAS Research is his vision and his personal mission is to refine and improve the processes of which cannabis-related products are derived and to change the narrative of the industry to remove the public stigma of cannabis. Bao received his doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic.



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Our Standards

At BAS Research we strive to provide the safest, most reliable products. We apply advanced analytical methods and rigorous laboratory standards to produce highly characterized cannabis extracts of great quality and consistency. Our industry-leading testing protocols and standard laboratory practices ensure the safety of our extracts from plant to product. By actively participating in raising the standards within the industry, we proudly take these measures to protect the safety of our clients’ products.

Winterized Amber Oil

Our cannabinoid-rich CO2 extracts are refined into a translucent amber colored oil of medium viscosity and high potency through a careful removal of fats, lipids, and waxes

These oils have a viscosity suitable for vape technologies and can be fully decarboxylated upon request for maximum activation of cannabinoids. No matter the application, our formulation department tailors our winterized amber oil to suit your product needs. Strain-specific, terpene-enriched variations are available. This oil is also available as THC or CBD-dominant.

Distilled Clear Oil

By harnessing the molecular properties of the cannabinoids, we further purify our oils through various methods of distillation, producing our highest potency product.

This transparent and lightly golden concentrate is decarboxylated and has versatility in a variety of product applications. It can be used directly as a plain distillate or be reintroduced to its terpenes for the full effect of the cannabis entourage. Available as THC or CBD-dominant varieties.


Looking for further personalization of our oil products? Please inquire about a formulation consultation for assistance in oil customization and product development.

Lab Tested

The safety and purity of the products produced by BAS Research are independently verified by third party testing centers, ensuring that our products are free of harmful solvents, microbes, and pesticides.