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Agreement brings leading Colorado-based brand to world’s largest cannabis marketplace


BAS Research, California’s first licensed cannabis manufacturing company developing advanced science-driven cannabis oil and extraction services, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership with Next Frontier Biosciences to bring their Verra Wellness™ line of premium cannabis-infused products to the California medical and adult-use marijuana markets.


The California cannabis marketplace has the potential to eclipse all other US markets. In fact, the state currently houses 10% more dispensaries than all other Medical Marijuana states combined. According to a study by the University of California Agricultural Issues Center (UCAIC), California’s recreational cannabis industry could be worth more than $5 billion by 2020.

BAS Research Brings Next Frontier Biosciences Verra Wellness™ Product Lines to California via Exclusive Partnership

“Next Frontier Biosciences could not be more excited to partner with BAS Research as we enter California, which is projected to be the world’s largest cannabis market,” said Marc Graboyes, Co-Founder, and CEO of Next Frontier Biosciences. “Our Verra Wellness™ product lines are designed to meet California’s rigorous standards while providing consumers with a premium brand of trusted products that offer supreme quality and reliability. BAS Research shares our passion for science and together we will provide consumers with the highest caliber products available.”

BAS Research recently introduced their BAS Infused™ certification seal which will be prominently displayed on the packaging of any cannabis product containing BAS advance science-driven oil.

BAS Research recently introduced their BAS Infused™ certification seal which will be prominently displayed on the packaging of any cannabis product containing BAS advanced science-driven oil. Verra Wellness will join other BAS Infused™ brands in proudly displaying the decal, therefore signaling to consumers that the product has met the arduous standards required to ensure the safety, efficacy, and purity of the product.


“At BAS we scrupulously vet our partners to ensure that our values, goals, and business trajectories are in line,” said Dr. Bao Le, CEO of BAS Research. “Next Frontier Biosciences has proven cannabis products that offer unparalleled quality and consistency, and we look forward to bringing their brand to market here in California.”


Dr. Bao Le and Marc Graboyes will be speaking on Friday, July 27, at NCIA’s Cannabis Business Summit in San Jose, CA. Their panel, “Implementing an Intellectual Property Business Model for Multi-State Expansion” will be held from 2:45 – 3:45 p.m.

About BAS Research


BAS Research is California’s first licensed cannabis manufacturing company developing advanced science-driven cannabis oil and extraction services. We provide a variety of services to clients, including compliance, product development, formulation, extraction, contract manufacturing, and fulfillment. Founded by veterans of the cannabis, pharmaceutical and technology industries, the company manufactures high-quality cannabis products with a focus on superior innovation, integrity and socially responsible production processes. BAS recently launched the BASInfused™ certification program, which allows consumers to clearly distinguish rigorously tested BAS products by way of a seal on both the packaging and storefront.  For more information about BAS Research or BASInfused products, visit our website or follow us on Facebook @basresearch, Twitter @bas_research, Instagram @basresearch, LinkedIn @bas-research.

About Next Frontier Biosciences


Founded in 2014, Next Frontier Biosciences has assembled a team of highly experienced biotech executives and research scientists with over 100 years of pharmaceutical drug development experience. The company employs a traditional scientific approach to product development that includes advanced purification, and analytical and chemical formulation methods. The company’s Verra Wellnessproduct lines were carefully developed and optimized for improved delivery via sublingual and topical administration with a focus on providing unparalleled quality, consistency, and reproducibility. For more information about the company’s Verra Wellnessproduct lines, visit our website or follow us on Facebook @verrawellness or Instagram @verrawellness.

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