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New Year’s Day will ring in a new California state-regulated cannabis market, as the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation comes into full effect.

“This is a big milestone for the Cannabis Industry and for us at BAS Research,” said Ernie Arreola, Co-founder of BAS Research, “The industry existed for decades with little regulation.  Now businesses are required to have both a local permit and a state license to keep their doors open.”


Since October, BAS Research worked vigorously to update its SOPs to comply with the new state regulation. “It’s going to be an adjustment period for businesses, and a lot of our clients depend on us to pave the way for them,” said Dr. Bao Le, Co-founder and CEO of BAS Research, “Current and new companies entering the market are depending on BAS to guide them through the changes during this transition period.”

BAS’ Temporary Medicinal and Adult-use permits

Over the holidays, BAS Research received both it’s temporary M and A licenses just in time for January 1. BAS’ permits will be good for four months, which will give BAS time to compile with new regulations to get its permanent licenses.  Technically, any business that doesn’t have a state license will be operating illegally as of January 1.

BAS helps clients with compliance with their products.

BAS also help their clients with the new packaging and labeling requirements.  “Companies must ensure that their packages are tamper-evident, child-proof, and within accordance with both state and local laws,” said Dr. Le, “Opaque child-resistant exit bags are a good interim solution for products that aren’t child-resistant.”  Proper labeling and packaging is a crucial component to staying in compliance with 2018 state guidelines.

About BAS Research


BAS Research is California’s first licensed research and manufacturing company developing advanced science-driven cannabis products for both medical and adult-use. BAS provides a variety of services to clients, including compliance, product development, formulation, extraction, contract manufacturing, and fulfillment.


BAS Research’s mission is to enhance society and heal the world by manufacturing safe cannabis products for consumers and clients.


If you’re a California Cannabis Company and need help to ensure your products are in compliance, our compliance experts at BAS Research can help, please contact us at

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