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According to a poll by Marist, nearly half of Americans have tried cannabis at least once, 22% of them continue to use it on a regular basis, and 83% of all respondents support the use of medical cannabis. But have you ever stopped to wonder why more Americans are becoming more accepting of this plant and its healing powers?


You may think that this has to do with the increased accessibility to cannabis products due to legalization of medical and recreational cannabis in many states, but according to a study conducted in 2017 by the US National Alcoholics Survey, it actually has more to do with an overall shift in attitude regarding the plant and its benefits.


Thanks in part to new information and studies on the effects of cannabis being readily available to the public, many Americans have put past prejudices aside. A lot of recent studies and news outlets focus their attention on the benefits of CBD oil, which has now been widely accepted throughout the country and across multiple generations for its healing ability. For many, CBD oil broke paradigms and created hope for those in need.

Infographic by HelloMD. Understanding Cannabidiol – Industry Expert Report. July, 2017.

CBD oil does not have psychoactive effects, so the population was more accepting of its medicinal benefits, and over time, many patients were able to reduce or abandon the use of prescription drugs. In fact, the FDA recently began recommending CBD for patients “living with intractable seizures and rare epilepsies, who every day face incredible challenges and disabling seizures, and live with the continual risk of serious injury and death”.


Through a study published by HelloMD in 2017, based on the cannabis users surveyed, it was found that 42% had replaced their over-the-counter or prescription medication with CBD; 37% used traditional medicines in conjunction with cannabis products; and 20% alternate between the two. , Additionally, 66% of respondents reported that CBD treatment is generally “much more effective” or “more effective” than over-the-counter medicines.

Infographic by HelloMD. Understanding Cannabidiol – Industry Expert Report. July, 2017.

Thus, by spreading the word about CBD, the need to know more increases, both in relation to reports of people whose conditions have improved due to the use of CBD products, and the ability to research what else this oil can do to improve our lives.



In one way or another, information will always be the best way for prejudice to be overthrown. Through the significant benefits that CBD oil provides, it is possible to have more and more access to content that confirms and gives more credibility and security to new users. Currently, we have many products on the market that can be used to benefit a variety of people despite their age or condition.. Always remember, before using any product, seek your doctor’s advice to guide you in choosing the best treatment for you.

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