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With the recent and fast rise of this cannabidiol, there is a discussion about how genuine is the CBD hype. Despite countless studies talking about the benefits of this cannabinoid, several people see it as a temporary hype.


CBD and Cannabis are used t for both recreational and therapeutic purposes since before Christ. However, the acceptance of the substance in the Occident took a little longer, and you can learn more about the CBD history on this blog.

CBD Hype

Is CBD Just A Hype?


Although there are many studies on CBD, the academic and medical society still demands more research on the subject. Like that, it will be possible to reach concrete conclusions about its benefits.


However, with the spread of information and increased consumption, more studies are focusing on CBD. Also, laws and regulations involving the substance will contribute to the increase of research about this cannabinoid.


CBD binds to the endocannabinoid receptors we have in our bodies and makes us feel pleasant and relaxed as it stimulates serotonin, in addition to other effects.


This medical issue makes CBD look promising when we talk about chronic pain, inflammation, and other symptoms and illnesses already mentioned in our blog. The most significant appearance of CBD concerning its medical use was when doctors began using it to treat epilepsy.


This moment caused a growth in alternative medicine, making CBD more evident. With FDA approval, the CBD-based Epidiolex drug, which treats epilepsy, makes us confident that CBD is here to stay!

CBD Hype #2

Can CBD Really Help?


As mentioned earlier, research on CBD began many years ago, and it continues until nowadays. As many studies as there are, their volume and evidence are still not very significant. That occurs because of the negative stigma surrounding Cannabis, which only started to disappear recently.


A survey developed from 2017 to 2018 shows that 62% of respondents in the US use Cannabis and CBD for medicinal purposes. The three conditions people used CBD and Cannabis the most were for pain, anxiety, and depression. Almost 36% of patients stated that CBD is efficient by itself.


In addition to the consumption concerning these medical issues, according to a Pulsar survey from 2019, there are three other use cases for CBD: wellness (24% of searches), sports (16% of searches), and pets (16% of searches). For wellness, essential oils, cosmetics, and creams help to relax. We made a full blog talking about CBD for athletes, you can check it here. Regarding pets, CBD edible oils and oils can help them with anxiety, stress, and inflammation. 


Here is a list of the main CBD benefits:


  • Pain Control: This is one of the main topics covered in our blogs. CBD is effective in treating pain;
  • Complex motor disorders: As stated earlier in this blog, CBD is effective against epilepsy and other motor disorders;
  • Alternative treatment for mental health: some studies prove the effectiveness of CBD in treating mental illnesses such as anxiety, dementia, addictions, and depression.



So we can conclude, from all the information presented in this blog, that CBD is not just hype. With a lot of research going on, we can declare that CBD is here to stay within alternative medicine.


People are talking more about CBD, and one of the reasons why it’s happening is because it’s a controversial topic. CBD carries the negative stigma related to Cannabis. So everything related to the plant generates conversation, positively or not.  


As our primary goal is to heal the world with Cannabis, we can assure you CBD is not just a momentary hype, but hope for thousands of people seeking alternative treatments. We look forward to more research on CBD and how it can help treat a wide range of diseases.

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate treatment for your medical condition.

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