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Since its legalization, the Cannabis industry has been growing rapidly and due to that, many medicines based on the substance have been used for thousands of patients.


Today, there are over 35 million consumers of cannabis products and the industry should generate US$75 billion by the year  2030.

Many types of surveys show there’s going to be a huge increase in the industry. Not only in sales but also in the job market. It is estimated that about 283.000 jobs will be created by the Cannabis industry in the next three years.

The expansion of the Cannabis Industry:


Cannabis Industry has been evolving and growing in several ways. For example:


1- Packaging

There’s a lot of competition in the market, therefore companies should worry about every detail of their products, including packing, which must provide protection and information for the consumers.


2- Dispensaries Renovation

As the Cannabis Industry grows, stereotypes decrease. And for that, more and more the dispensaries tend to change its aesthetical aspects to a more welcoming environment.


3- Cannabis Expertise

Nowadays, the dispensaries staff must know as much information as possible about the products they’re selling. For example, it is extremely important for them to learn about the cannabinoids present in Cannabis and the percentages of THC, CBD, and THCV in it. That is important because each patient receives a different dosage of these substances.


4- Medical Cannabis

Today, there is a clear position that doctors have taken on the subject of Cannabis, which brings the population to receive more credibility since they’re being presented to Cannabis benefits by those professionals.


5- Healthier Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis-based foods must be produced with the utmost care, not only for those who want to seek recreational consume but also for those who need them as part of their treatment. Some brands are making their edible organic, gluten-free and even vegan!



In the late years, the Cannabis industry grew on an immeasurable scale, and a lot of taboos were broken due to its helpfulness in several diseases treatments.


Since its foundation, BAS research always aims to be a part of the industry’s evolution and that’s why having gold standards have been one of our main values. With safety and strict quality control, we offer the best cannabis oil in the market.


You can learn more about our services here and feel free to send us an email with any doubts you might have to


It is important to always have in mind our main goal is to provide a better life for those who need Cannabis treatments. Keep checking our blog to know more about our work!

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