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Trade shows, conferences, and conventions are a dime a dozen these days. It’s often difficult to determine which event will serve you best in expanding your network, gaining industry insight and growing professionally.


The cannabis and hemp industries are no different with dozens of shows each year. It is important to weigh the value of attending each show in terms of time and expense, as well as the benefits each show may provide. Below you will find our Top Five Cannabis and Hemp Shows for 2018 / 2019.


We recommend focusing on shows that will have the biggest impact on your business. Focus on a few key shows and make a big splash. Host an off-site event, create a custom booth, purchase a sponsorship or bring extra staff to blanket the event appropriately.

BAS Research Schedule


Our industry is continuing to rapidly expand and we pride ourselves in creating a presence at some of the most well respected and attended events in the cannabis, hemp and ancillary space.


Consider joining us as we network, learn and grow at New West Summit and MJBizCon. Our BAS Research schedule can be found below.

New West Summit: October 11th – 13th – Buy Tickets Here, 50% Off Discount Link.

MJBizCon: November 14th – 16th – Buy Tickets Here

1. MJBizCon


The Marijuana Business Conference & Expo was founded in 2011, and today is considered one of the largest cannabis events in the world. Focused on Business to Business (B2B), MJBizCon happens twice a year and attracts investors and entrepreneurs of the various cannabis markets. The event has several exhibitors and stands (more than 230 last year), conferences, and discussions on various subjects. There are also smaller, more private events for networking or focusing on investor demand. After-hours events are often held throughout the area by the many sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees.


When does it happen?


MJBizCon usually takes place in May (Orlando) and November (Las Vegas). More information can be found at

2. New West Summit


The New West Summit is the first conference to focus on technology, science, media, and investment development within the cannabis industry. There are three days of events focused on B2B and community networks, in addition to 100 exhibitors, 50 discussion panels, more than 2000 participants, parties, knowledgeable industry insiders, and investment meetings. For the second year, the event will be hosting r the Consumer Fair and Career Fair, which are focused on new businesses and consumers in the cannabis industry. If you are looking for a job as a budtender or if you are a professional looking for a new career, there will be more than 30 companies there looking to hire. Or if you’re just a consumer looking for news and people who share your interests, this is the place to socialize!


When does it happen?


New West Summit takes place in October at Oakland. You can find more information at

3. CBD Expo Tour


Supported by the CBD Health and Wellness Magazine, the CBD Expo is the first and only event dedicated exclusively to CBD, the cannabis compound that has been able to help a variety of individuals with a variety of ailments. The event hosts more than 90 exhibitors, along with varied presentations and panels with specialists in production, distribution, and sale of products containing CBD. If you are looking to learn more about what’s new in the CBD market this is a perfect place. Unlike the other examples cited above, this event is much more receptive to interested consumers, as well as cannabis and hemp CBD practitioners and entrepreneurs.


When does it happen?


The CBD Expo takes place in December at the Hilton Orlando. You can find more information at

4. NCIA Cannabis Business Summit & Expo


This event was developed by the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), an agency that seeks to protect the legal business of cannabis, as well as to advocate for state laws and promote federal policy reforms. The Cannabis Business Summit & Expo is an award-winning and influential trade fair in the USA and brings together more than 6,000 of the industry’s biggest minds. If you are an entrepreneur and want to know how to reach new levels of success and competitiveness in the market, this fair has educational tracks to guide you about policy and reform, cultivation, how to run your business, and more.


When does it happen?


The Cannabis Business Summit & Expo takes place in San Jose in July. More information can be found at

5. CannMed


CannMed is an event that brings together the great minds of medical cannabis and seeks to promote the research, treatment, and development of medicinal cannabis products. Are you interested in staying in that area? Here professionals like researchers, clinicians, and industry leaders share their findings, case studies, methods, and technologies to further drive the market.


When does it happen?


CannMed takes place in October in Los Angeles. More information can be found at



As we know, the cannabis industry is growing at a rate that is hard to catch up, but with these events that put together the greatest minds and companies of the industry, we are able to network and stay updated with the latest breakthroughs about the science of cannabis and the contemporary practices of the cannabis market.

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