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It is known that one of the most popular ways to consume Cannabis for medicinal or recreational use is by smoking through cigarettes, bongs or water vaporizers.


Yet, an alternative for smoking has been gaining more and more space among consumers: the vape cartridges, which is basically an electronic cigarette. However, its use is developing some health problems in its consumers.

The main problem of the vapers: Contamination


Recent studies indicate that some of the vapers currently circulating in California contain metallic lead, which is bad for health in any amount, according to WHO (World Health Organization).


Besides having stronger negative effects on children, adults can also be harmed by complications such as hypertension, muscle and joint pain, headache and abdominal pain, mood changes, memory loss, and difficulty in concentration.


Pregnant women should double the attention given to this lead exposition problem cause it may cause miscarriage, premature birth, and adversely affect the child’s health, even if it was born without complications.


For the presented reasons, the reduction of lead exposure to society has grown so much that we now have unleaded gasoline, and many countries have been struggling to ban the sale of lead-containing paint.


Cannabis is as absorbent as a sponge, and it can be contaminated in many ways, either by handling or by the soil where it grows.


In the case of vapers, the contamination is due to its manufacturing process. Most brands produce their vapers in China, and during the manufacturing process, it receives a small but significant amount of lead in their metal alloy to make a more malleable blend of metals.


But China is not putting people’s lives at risk, it’s just that the levels of lead allowed there and in California are different. That’s why the California labs are constantly testing vapers, so people don’t consume lead above the indicated amount. In China, 40,000 parts of lead are allowed per million, and in California that level is 0.5 parts per million. Although, even if the vapers contains lead, it does not automatically mean the oil inside of it is contaminated.  


Consequences for consumers


Californian companies no longer want their customers to consume lead, so they will come together to eliminate the metal that can be harmful to the human body from the vape cartridges.


And for consumers who are worried: be aware of products that were purchased before January 1st 2019, because the vape cartridges produced before that date have not been tested.


For those who want to buy safely, it is advisable to buy the vapers sold after February of this year.



The use of cannabis should be done under all possible care, whether it’s for medical or recreational use, and the products with cannabis in its composition cannot be ignored, as the contamination can happen very quickly, causing serious health problems for the consumer.


It is always good to keep an eye on the articles about Cannabis, especially about its contaminations, to avoid cases like the one we presented today. BAS Research cares about the health and well-being of cannabis consumers, and that’s why we strictly follow the established national cannabis regulations.