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Cannabis has miraculous effects on our body. With anti-inflammatory effect, it helps with pain and has moisturizing properties, which is mainly used in cosmetics. However, for how long the Cannabis stays on our body is a largely asked question!


Today we are going to talk about drug testing. These tests are ordered in diverse situations, such as for work and medical exams.

What Is The Exact Time That Cannabis Stays In Our Body?


There is still no exact answer to this question, but this may depend on several factors, such as those listed below:


  • Individual metabolism;
  • Quantity of THC found in the product used;
  • Frequency of use;
  • Efficacy of the test to be done;
  • Amount of fat in the person’s body;


Each body reacts differently to certain substances. Women, for example, have a slower metabolism than men. Therefore, even if a man and a woman have ingested the same amount of the same substance, the tests may have different results.


The body processes cannabis through the endocannabinoid system. This system is composed of natural cannabinoids proper to the human body. However, when other cannabinoids like THC and CBD enter our blood system, the levels of these components increase temporarily.


These levels can be observed in tests hours after cannabis has been consumed, and they stop detecting it after a few days. However, some cannabinoids, such as THC, are soluble in fats. Thus, they become embedded in our body’s fats, so even after they have been eliminated from the blood system, they continue to be released slowly.

What About CBD?


But one question remains: can the CBD appear in these tests? Because CBD is a substance that does not cause psychoactive effects, it is unlikely to appear in the tests, since they are made to detect the presence of THC.


However it is important to remember that not all products that are sold as “CBD” are free of containing a small amount of THC, this will depend on the origin of the CBD: This compound can be obtained from both hemp and cannabis. In this post you can read about it in detail. In summary, if you consume a CBD product made from cannabis, there are chances that it will have a very small amount of THC, but that may be enough to show up on a drug test, as you can see in this report. If you are consuming a product in which CBD has been extracted from the hemp, the amount of THC in this product will be almost 0%, so nothing appears in the test.


Despite these considerations, it is important to remember that everything will depend on the product and brand you are consuming. The best to do is avoid doubtful brands due to the fact that their labels may not be 100% accurate.

Tests That Can Detect The Use Of Cannabis


Before talking about the types of tests, let’s briefly talk about how they can diagnose how long ago the person used cannabis. For those who smoked for the first time, the test will detect the use within three days; for those who smoked three to five times a week, the test will detect the use in 5 to 7 days, and for those who smoked once or more a day, the test will detect the use in 30 days or more.


Now, let’s go to the second question: what are the tests that detect cannabis in our body? Below is a list with some of them:


  • Urine test: This test can detect cannabis within a period of approximately 3 to 30 days after use;
  • Saliva test: For saliva, the test can detect cannabis consumed in the last 24 hours. Other more elaborate saliva tests can detect it up to 72 hours after use;
  • Hair test: this is the most perceptive test among all, being able to detect the presence of cannabis up to 90 days after the use. It is made using the oils of the skin that are transferred to the hair. However, there is a probability of giving a false positive, since people who only had contact with the cannabis can present a positive test for the use;
  • Blood test: Blood test can detect cannabis within 3 to 4 hours after use.




From the information presented today, there is no exact time for each body to dissolve the cannabis consumed. Each case varies in many ways, such as body fat, metabolism, and others that have been presented.


What we can conclude is that keeping the body clean to do major exams is the best option. Even in recreational use of cannabis, care must be taken since it is not yet known precisely what cannabis can do in our bodies in the long run.


Our primary purpose is to contribute with information. We look forward to sharing a content of easy understanding so that non-experts can also learn more about this plant full of benefits.


Disclaimer: This information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate treatment for your medical condition.

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