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We know that different people feel different effects on the body when they use Cannabis. A recent study has alarmed people by presenting a supposed connection between Cannabis and psychosis.

However, can we say with conviction that Cannabis and psychosis are connected in some way? We’ve researched the information that exists about this topic, and we’ll show you what we found. Thus, keep reading this article!

Is There A Connection Between Cannabis And Psychosis?


The previously mentioned study was done with more than 900 people in 11 cities in Europe and Brazil. What they all had in common is the fact that they were hospitalized in psychiatric hospitals by showing psychotic traits between May 2010 and April 2015. The research team compared this group of people to another 1,200 of the same cities, and asked everyone about their habits, considering the use of marijuana.


The conclusion was that there could be a correlation between the use of Cannabis and the development of psychosis. According to the study, marijuana consumers who smoke daily have a higher chance of developing this disorder.


Users who smoked marijuana with more than 10% THC had twice the risk of developing psychosis symptoms by smoking it periodically.


In London and Amsterdam, the cities with more high-potency marijuana available, the researchers concluded that such cases would not occur if it were not for high-potency marijuana.


What Did This Study Prove?


Not much. The study itself correlates Cannabis with psychosis, but this doesn’t, in fact, prove that marijuana causes psychosis. Several factors can contribute to a person having psychotic tendencies, and these factors may also be linked to the use of Cannabis. These factors are:


  • Lifestyle;
  • Genetics;
  • Education;
  • Diet.


We can take this study as an example. It talks about the tendency that people with schizophrenia have when it comes to Cannabis consumption. There is a relationship between the consumer and the person with this psychological disorder:  both have in common a genetic overlap that makes them susceptible to using Cannabis. However, the study does not show that Cannabis use increases the chances of having schizophrenia.


After All, Can Cannabis Cause Psychosis?


We must take into consideration that to know a definite answer, many more studies must be done, and we should still be aware that psychosis is a complicated condition and can have many triggers.


Going back to the study presented at the beginning of the article, it is limited to people who used Cannabis, especially every day. A new study showed that, unlike previous research, Cannabis could help patients with psychosis. The reason is that the plant contains properties that help to decrease some of the symptoms of psychosis, including depression and anxiety.



Due to the lack of studies on the subject, we can not reach a definitive conclusion for the presented question. In any case, it must be taken into consideration that psychological illnesses are profound and related to several factors. Cannabis use may or may not be one of them.


Therefore, critical thinking is of the highest importance since, scientifically speaking, studies related to Cannabis and its benefits or harms are very recent. Cannabis has several proven medicinal properties, but many of them still require in-depth studies, such as the relationship between its consumption and the development of psychosis.


Therefore, it is within our reach to support research so that the Cannabis industry evolves, culminating in the improvement of society and the formation of laws that are in accordance with the properties of the substance. BAS Research is part of this industry and we work every day to make it more transparent, fair, accessible, and above all, beneficial to society.

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate treatment for your medical condition.

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