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When we talk about the therapeutic use of Cannabis, we always inform about the importance of its cultivation. Also, one of the farming aspects we should be aware of is the use of cannabis pesticides.


Cannabis terpenes work as natural pesticides. These terpenes eventually ward off unwanted insects, but for mass cultivation, they may not be enough.

Cannabis Pesticides #1

What Are Cannabis Pesticides And Why Are They Feared?


Pesticides are substances used to kill insects and other organisms that can harm crops or animals. That is, weed herbicides, insecticides, fungicides (mold and mildew), disinfectants to prevent the spread of bacteria, and components to control rats and mice.


People’s biggest concern about Cannabis pesticides is a condition called Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS). It causes vomiting, nausea, and abdominal pain. There is not enough research to prove that the syndrome has a direct connection with pesticides. However, we know that some pesticides can be harmful and we wouldn’t like to have contact with them.


One product used as a Cannabis pesticide is neem oil. This natural pesticide is found in the neem tree seed. Its active component is azadiractin.


Heylo Cannabis CEO and Chief Extractor told Leafly: “Azadirachtin comes from neem oil, and neem has been used a lot in cannabis because it’s a natural compound that’s considered organic. But there has been some anecdotal evidence that shows that this could be the reason people get sick from cannabis. ”

Many users believe that the cause of CHS is azadiractin. Others believe that it is not CHS that makes people sick, but azadiractin poisoning that causes side effects. Both hypotheses have not yet been scientifically confirmed.

Can Cannabis Grow Without Pesticides?


High quality Cannabis, the one that is well grown and cared during its development, naturally repels itself against insects, mold, and mildew. However, if high-quality Cannabis growers do not use pesticides, how can production be kept 100% intact?


Here are some answers:


  • They grow cannabis in a controlled environment, that is, in greenhouses. This gives more control to the producer, who can manage the crop closely, preventing insects and other unwanted things from reaching the plants;
  • They apply pesticides during the early stages of growth and in the correct amounts allowed by law, preventing the pesticide from remaining in the plant when it begins to bloom.


Even with this information, consumers must pay attention to the cultivation method used by Cannabis companies. Like that, they’ll always be sure they’re consuming the highest quality Cannabis.


Which Are The Best Cannabis Pesticides?


Even though most growers use pesticides to prevent insect proliferation, some of them can help fight pests, including ladybugs, pirate insects and chrysopids.


Another pest control method used is natural oils. Rosemary oil and chrysanthemum oil have pyrethrins as their active compound, which is commonly used as a Cannabis pesticide.



What Does Pesticides Law Say About Cannabis?


There is no specific list of which pesticides should or should not be used in Cannabis cultivation. However, there are some recommendations made by the government:


  • Do not use pesticides that may pollute groundwater;
  • Do not use pesticides that are not approved for food use;
  • Do not use restricted materials, including federally restricted pesticides.



Medical Cannabis is very important to many people in the world, so it is essential to use the purest and cleanest Cannabis possible. It must be free of any chemicals or substances that are harmful to health.


As presented in this article, Cannabis can be grown naturally and without pesticides. However, as long as chemicals allowed by law are used in cautious quantities, the result will always be a plantation that will pass all laboratory tests required by the government. Proving that the Cultivation is 100% healthy for the industry.

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate treatment for your medical condition.

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