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This plant may be the solution for thousands of people, but what are the long term effects of Cannabis? This question is very recurrent since even legalized, it is still a psychoactive drug.


This subject has been discussed for years by many researchers. Today, we will present some points from these studies about what can happen when cannabis is used for a long time.

Long term effects of Cannabis #1

How Does Cannabis Act In The Human Body?


To start talking about the possible long term effects of Cannabis, we must know how it acts on the human body. When using Cannabis, the primary cannabinoid that stimulates neurons is THC. With this component, the perceptions and sensations change.


Some problems that can happen with Cannabis use are slow thinking, slower talking, and delayed action. The person gets even more sensitive to colors, sounds, tastes, smells, and touches.


The mood is also affected. THC releases the neurochemical dopamine that makes people feel relaxed. Also, the adverse effect may occur, which can cause the user to have an outbreak.


Of course, the therapeutic and recreational effects of consumption are different. While in recreational use, the consumption of THC is much higher, in medicinal use, the amount of CBD is higher. In both purposes, there might be side effects.

Long term effects of Cannabis #2

CBD and THC Short and Long Term Effects


  • Positive Effects: We have already mentioned several positive effects that CBD and THC can have when used correctly. You can see these benefits here and here.


  • Negative Effects: There is not much information about CBD and THC long-term effects, but there are some studies that claim the following adverse effects:


CBD Side Effects 



THC Short Term Effects



THC Long Term Effects


Although there is no definitive study confirming all of the following circumstances, there are intermediate studies that point to them. With the constant use of THC, in the long run, the user may suffer from:


  • IQ drop;
  • Disabled ability to think and learn complex tasks;
  • Less satisfaction with life;
  • Dependency;
  • Antisocial behaviors.


The lack of studies about the long term effects of Cannabis makes it impossible to declare precisely its harmful effects. Some of them may not occur, and they vary from person to person.



Cannabis can help many people who suffer from certain diseases. And like any other substance, its overuse might end up causing several problems. Therefore, medical assistance is crucial until the publication of conclusive studies on the long-term effects of Cannabis.


Some problems that users may face with the long term consume of Cannabis can cause a negative stigma surrounding the plant. We must not forget that although this plant carries several benefits, its medical use must be conducted by a doctor, just like all medicines.


Disclaimer: This information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate treatment for your medical condition.

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