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Dr. Bao Le is BAS Research CEO and also a father. It may not seem relatable, but both functions are connected since BAS Research was founded after his youngest child was diagnosed with autism. Today, we’d like to share a video containing useful information for parents who are looking forward to treating their child with this alternative medicine.


While looking for a way to give his son a higher quality of life, Dr. Bao discovered the possible advantages of Cannabis. He kept investigating, experimenting and learning about it for the improvement of his son and others like him. Back in 2016, Dr. Bao founded BAS Research with the primary purpose of improving society and healing the world with this powerful plant.


Thus, BAS aims to inform people about the benefits of Cannabis, and that’s precisely the purpose of the video we’re sharing today. It contains the presentation slides of Dr. Bao Le’s lecture at the 2019 “Sharing Experience With CBD and Autism” themed meeting. The organization behind the event was FREE, which was created by a parents group who wanted a better life for their kids with special needs. You can learn more about FREE at


Below, you can watch Dr.Bao’s presentation slides. It has a lot of useful information especially for parents who want to find out more about this other methodology that may help their children.

Infographics credits by order of appearance: Charitysub and Autism Speaks.

As BAS Research values the importance of consumer education, we continuously share new content regarding CBD and its benefits. If you are interested in discovering more about these themes, in this article you can learn about CBD and autism, and here you can check another presentation of Dr. Bao about how CBD helped his son.

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