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THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the component of Cannabis responsible for its psychoactive effect. However, this cannabinoid has other properties besides making people ‘high’.


This information is new to many people because usually, we hear only the “bad” aspects of THC. We’ve already talked about the powerful combination of THC and CBD, so today we’ll learn about what THC can do alone!

Therapeutic Properties Of THC


Just like CBD, THC has its healing properties. Check some of them below:


  • Pain: THC has the effect of relaxing the muscles, so it can help with pain relief;
  • Spasticity: THC can help to control involuntary spasms;
  • Glaucoma: THC can decrease pressure in the eye, thus improving the patient’s vision;
  • Insomnia: THC induces sleep, causing the patient to sleep peacefully;
  • Hunger: When it get in touch with our body’s cannabinoid receptors, THC makes us feel hungry;
  • Nausea: THC can help the patient not to feel nausea and discomfort.


There is still controversy as to whether Cannabis and THC help decrease cancer tumors, or whether they help stimulate the reproduction of new brain cells. On the other hand, there’s a study which talks about how the cannabinoids can help to protect the brain cells.


Cannabis produces THC to protect itself from bacteria, and this can help people as well. A lab rat study showed a significant change in the intestinal microbes of these animals. These microbes were responsible for causing obesity. With the consumption of THC and its antibacterial property, the rats lost weight.


In 1975, this study analyzed how THC can contribute as a treatment for asthma and other respiratory diseases since it has a bronchodilator effect. There is evidence that companies are trying to make a THC based medicine for the treatment of asthma.

THC Combined With CBD 


Most studies on the medicinal potentials of Cannabis focus on CBD. However, we always look to present studies that show the powerful effect of THC and CBD combined.


The entourage effect that occurs with the junction of THC and CBD can help a lot more people than just one of the two alone since they combined double their healing effects.


They help balance each other. CBD can block some effects of THC, which may be undesirable. The CBD will eliminate the sedative effect of THC, as well as the hunger it causes. However, it maintains muscle relaxation properties.



We have always seen THC as a villain, but with the correct use and increasingly advanced studies in the area, we can see that it can help us in many ways. Its muscle relaxation and pain relief properties can be beneficial to people who suffer from certain conditions.


We are hopeful that there will be more and more studies about other cannabinoids. Consequently, we may discover new possibilities for healing the world efficiently and naturally.

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate treatment for your medical condition.

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