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Although CBD is one of the main components of cannabis, we know very little about its history. For a long time, there was a negative stigma, especially in the West, blocking studies on the plant.


As we’ve been hearing a lot about it in the late years, it may seem like the CBD’s history is recent, but it’s not. The trajectory that led to the studies of this component is very old and dated from Before Christ. This article has two parts, so stay tuned to our blog, so you do not miss part 2.

The Discovering Of Cannabis


The cultivation of Cannabis started approximately in 6,000 B.C. By that time, many foods contained its seeds. However, the first medicinal use of the plant happened in 2,727 B.C when the Chinese emperor Sheng Neng consumed cannabis-based tea to treat some health problems such as low memory, malaria, and gout.


Long before the West started to use Cannabis, Egyptians used it to treat glaucoma, inflammation, and edema. In Greece, Cannabis worked as medicine for earaches, inflammation, and pain. In China and India, they used it in religious celebrations.


Who brought the Cannabis to America was the explorer Christopher Columbus. The hemp helped to repair the boat, besides being used for the making of the sails. 


Research on Cannabis began to expand around 1,533 when the Irish physician William B. O’Shaughnessy went to India to study the plant. In 1,839, he published a new study writing more deeply about the therapeutic effects of Cannabis.


In his study, which was quite controversial at the time, O’Shaughnessy wrote about the medicinal potentials that Cannabis carries, especially as an anesthetic. Back then he didn’t notice, but he opened the doors to the discovery of the cannabinoids.

The Demonization Of Cannabis


In the 80s, a study investigated if Cannabis could help people with epilepsy. Unfortunately, the study, no matter how well it went, was not released because of the bad stigma surrounding the plant.


This bad stigma started around the year 1,900 when laws against Cannabis began to appear. In 1906 the Pure Food and Drug Act obliged companies to label medicines so that they would not be marketed clandestinely and without a prescription. According to that law, Cannabis was as a “dangerous drug.”


The Boylan Act restricted, in 1914, the drugs that caused addiction, as well as its commercialization and prescription. After several approved bills, Cannabis became a “habit-forming drug.”


A crucial moment in the United States that contributed to the bad stigma surrounding Cannabis was in 1910 after the Mexican Revolution. At the time, Mexicans recreationally used Cannabis, since it was cheaper than alcohol, which consume a little after was prohibited


Thanks to these laws and many others, Cannabis was and continues to be seeing as a harmful substance by many people. Thus, we believe we can change the world by providing people with reliable research and study over this plant. 


Cannabis carries many properties that can help improve thousands of lives. Therefore, we should support studies over this plant so the bad stigma surrounding it can come to an end. After many years since its first harvests, Cannabis is legal in all 50 US states, and the FDA considers CBD a medicine.



The cultivation of Cannabis and studies about it comes from many years ago, which may seem strange since we started hearing about it not long ago. Fortunately, research on Cannabis is growing, and we are on the right way to discover more incredible properties of this plant.


Thanks to several scientists and researchers, today we can consider CBD a medicine. This component helps thousands of people every day, and we always look forward to spreading accurate information about it.


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Disclaimer: This information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate treatment for your medical condition.

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