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When it comes to Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), people tend not to be very receptive to the subject. This happens because this substance is known to be the psychoactive principle of Cannabis, which leaves people feeling “high”.


However, today we will learn why Cannabidiol (CBD) works best if THC accompanies it. First, let’s get to know both better: CBD is a cannabinoid found in Cannabis sativa. Different from THC, it has no psychoactive effect nor additive effect, and is used in medicine. On the other hand, THC has the effect that leaves people addicted and “high”.

Why Does CBD Work Better With THC?


It may seem a bit contradictory, but let’s explain it right: until recently little was known about the CBD and its benefits. The main objective of illegal cannabis sellers at the time was to create high-effect Cannabis, which contains more than 10% THC. Investing in research and discovering the medicinal properties of the plant were not the priority. That’s where Project CBD comes in, a non-profit organization that did exactly the opposite of the illegal cannabis market and began updating patients and doctors on the development of science, therapy, and the political economy of Cannabis.


But not all the benefits of Cannabis come only from the CBD. Research shows that CBD’s collective performance with THC contributes to health. So even the two holding individual beneficial properties, when combined the effects can be very potent: the famous entourage effect.


What Is The Cannabis Entourage Effect?


The entourage effect is the starting point for understanding how cannabis works within our body and our brain.


Experts say there are more than 500 components within the cannabis plant, but the best known are the CBD and THC cannabinoids. As each of these cannabinoids work differently, the entourage effect determines how they will affect the human body. Other elements include amino acids, hydrocarbons, flavonoids, terpenes, and many others. They all work together to provide the therapeutic effects we know of.


We can use an example to explain it better: taking vitamin C pills may be useful, but eating an entire orange is much better. Why? Because the entourage effect of the nutrients, fibers, minerals, and other compounds found in orange ensures that the body absorbs all of them more effectively and powerfully.


By working together, CBD can still inhibit some of the effects of THC, such as the sedative effect and the hunger it causes. As much as the CBD balances the anxiety created by THC, it is expected to maintain its muscle relaxant properties.


Some studies show that the combination of THC and CBD may contribute to the non-formation of tumors in brain and breast cancer cells. Research suggests that patients with chronic and intractable cancer-related pain have improved after using THC and CBD medicines.


A biopharmaceutical company has created a medication for the treatment of multiple sclerosis with the junction of CBD and THC. The remedy has higher muscle relaxation capacity and reduces cognitive impairment.


A 2013 study compared the efficacy and safety of two sprays: one of them was THC + CBD, and the other one was THC. Considering t that THC is psychologically but not physically addictive, patients using THC + CBD spray did not increase their doses in the two-week tests.


The most significant benefit of combining THC with CBD is the time the drug will take effect since THC stays in the body for longer, said Dr. Jordan Tishler, a  doctor who works with medical cannabis.



CBD and THC are the two most well-known cannabinoids. When they’re combined, causing the entourage effect, these cannabinoids work even better. Thus, new possibilities emerge for deeper and more complex treatments.


Although research on Cannabis components is recent, there is already much information about the benefits of these substances. Thus, many people already have access to information that can be crucial to improving their health.


Our goal is to break taboos through information. We continuously seek to bring knowledge about Cannabis and its benefits to society!

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate treatment for your medical condition.

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