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Last month at the CBD Expo West 2018, our CEO, Dr. Bao Le, was asked to share his personal connection with CBD and what led him to believe in the benefits of this powerful plant.


Bao’s journey with cannabis began when his son, Andrew, was diagnosed with autism at 14 months old. Within a year of the diagnosis, Andrew’s condition worsened and he developed night terrors and grand mal seizures.. After tests and examinations, doctors insisted that these were simply “normal” symptoms of autism, but with an extensive background in holistic healing, Bao was not satisfied with that answer. He began searching for a way to give Andrew a better quality of life. He researched incessantly to learn all he could about CBD and its potential benefits for Andrew and others like him.


He also visited local cannabis dispensaries to inquire about products currently available on the market. It was during this time that he realized that the majority of these products were not being tested for harmful byproducts like pesticides and mold. With few alternatives on the market and a desire to help his son, Dr. Bao sold his practice and founded BAS Research to ensure that parents, like him, can trust the products they’re giving their children.


To learn more about Dr. Bao’s personal story and what led him to create BAS Research, check out the video below!

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